5 Things You Can Expect from a Great Website Creator

[S]o you need an online presence. You don’t yet have a website. You are interviewing and searching for that one website creator company that is local and comes highly recommended. These folks are going to be creating your first impression online, your virtual business card, your digital representation of YOUR business. What should you be looking for? What questions do you need to ask? How do you narrow down this decision?

5 Things You Can Expect from a Good Website Creator

  1. They are Local. It sounds crazy, I know. In this day and time you would think you could deal with a website creator from anywhere, right? After 8 years of developing websites, I found clients from which I met with face-to-face on a regular basis, their website is built faster, more to their liking and the relationship and effectiveness of the project goes much, much better. Yes, you can work with a non-local company, but isn’t it much nicer to be able to drive over and talk with a local company when you are in trouble? Besides, most businesses need to market locally. A good local SEO developer know more tricks that are effective in your area.
  2. They Communicate Effectively. A great website is so important. Being able to communicate your vision of what it looks like, how it functions, and the clientele it reaches can be difficult. This one reason alone is why I don’t currently outsource work overseas. Trust me I have tried. Yes, they tend to be cheaper but the communication element is a bear. It is so much more than just speaking English. Do they understand the local dialects of the community you live and work in? Sometimes we just click and communicate effectively with some people. Your website creator has to be one of those people.

They Have to Be Professional

  1. They Do this for a Living. Everybody is a web designer. My brother’s nephew’s cousin on my mom’s side does web design between career jobs. That’s not the person you need for your website creator. You need an individual and a company that focuses and does this full-time. Preferable one who has been designing a website for at least five or more years. A company that has at least 100+ clients. Truthfully, those individuals can design a website. But do you want someone who does it on the side, or someone who does this for a living and has crafted and SEO’d hundreds and hundreds of websites? Trust me, my first 10 websites look nothing like what I can create today. In short, hire a professional.
  2. They are SEO Minded. Over the past couple of years, we seem to have split the jobs of the website creator and the SEO specialist. Yes, they can be two people, but it is like having two primary physicians who don’t talk to one another. Nowadays, it is the little tiniest of elements that make huge differences in SEO. Does the web developer name the images in keyword fashion? Is each and every page of the website have meta descriptions in them? Are some of the pages laid out in a keyword silo affect? Having the same person or company working on your SEO and creating your new website makes it so much easier to be found online. Can and will your future web developer do this?
  3. They are Modern and Creative. Ideas and styles change. What appealed to people two years from now doesn’t necessarily work today. Major changes occur all the time in web development. Who would have thought that Google search would penalize websites that are not mobile responsive? Fewer words and more images would need to be on the homepage? Flash is dead, but rotators are still king? These web styling techniques need to be found in the frontal lobe of your future website creator.

Consider Us in Your Website Creator Search

Finding a website creator is a little like spouse selection. Finding the right one can lead to years of joy and happiness. The wrong one is costly, disappointing, and painful. Take a little bit of extra time and interview a few.

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