4 Elements of Great Website Branding

[A]s I start the New Year, I am monitoring the building of five new client websites. I am involved in calls, Skypes, eMails of PhotoShop images, logo approvals, page designs and even content writing. It is the daily life of a web developer. But quite a few clients have asked me “What makes great website branding?”

First, let’s define it. I think the staff of Entrepreneur Encyclopedia says it best… “The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.”

1. Website Branding Starts with a Great Logo

Take any of the top Fortune 100 companies, and I bet you could recognize their business just from the logo alone. Logos are the core of any brand. In addition, even if you are a solopreneur, your business NEEDS a good logo. Furthermore, that logo needs to be an integral piece of your new website design. Great website branding starts with a great logo!

2. Branding Usually Embodies a Tagline

“The choice of a new generation. Just do it. Improving home improvements. The breakfast of champions.” These are the brands of Pepsi, Nike, Home Improvement, and Wheaties. Like a logo, they are so tightly tied to a brand that you can name the company without it being mentioned in the brand. Next, they can explain the business in a soundbite. What is your tagline? What does it say about your business? How is it incorporated into your website?

3. Website Branding Contains a Company Voice or Message

Next, every company has a voice. Some are very funny. Some are very serious, and some are very dark. For example, go take a look at Despair.com. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Pretty funny huh? To make the point, they are a real company based in Austin who’s voice is bitter humor from their website to their newsletters. To summarize, “What is your brand voice and does it come through on your website?”

4. Branding is Consistent & In the Company’s Fabric

Finally, your branded logo, tagline, voice and message need to be delivered day in and day out consistently. Your brand is also what you are known for. How you treat your clients, handle returns, address customers in emails, answer the phone. They are all part of the fabric of your business. Don’t forget to incorporate that fabric into your website as well.

Branding is important and needs to be thought about in conjunction with your web developer. If you need help or would like to talk to a professional about your brand, Contact Us, call us at 817-247-6003, or fill out the form in the footer. We are here to help you!