3 Elements to Discuss in Your Web Design Development

[S]o you have decided to move forward in your web design development. It’s time to start working with your new website company for your first company website. You don’t currently have a website, so how does this process go? What can you do to make this as effective as possible for your needs and working with your web design company?

After working with hundreds and hundreds of clients over the past eight years, I have fine-tuned and revamped this process for clients who are desiring their first website. Even if you don’t buy a new web design from us, these tips will help you, as well as your web designer, work together more effectively.

1. Your Web Design Development Starts with Your Objective

I think when it comes to building a new website, both clients and developers jump right into the design. This is a common mistake. As a client, ask yourself, “What is the purpose of my new website?” I always ask clients, “Why are you developing a website NOW and what do you expect this website to DO for you?”

Designing a website is completely different if your purpose is to get found on page one of Google under certain keywords. Verses “I need a place for clients see some of our services we offer.” I have clients that have had no web presence for years, with an amazing referral business, that only need a website for their existing clients to learn their latest pricing and services. These clients could care less about SEO for finding new clients. Do you think the development and style of your new website might be different based on your objective?

2. To Aid Your Web Design Development, Find Competitor Sites You Like

I have created websites for a pharmacy in Wisconsin to a purcurement specialist in Colleyville. I am an expert web developer, but I am not an expert nor claim to be, on YOUR business. You are an expert. You know the competition. Therefore, you know your business far better than your web developer.

I recommend that you providing at least two competitor websites to your developer. Then provide two website styles you like that are not necessarily in your industry. Conversations should go like this… “Here are two competitor websites in my industry. I really like the rotator on Company A, but I love how the services are listed on Company B. I like the color scheme used in this restaurant website, but I like the use of white space and footers used in this lawyer’s website.”

3. For the Best Success, Be Flexible on Your Design Ideas

My accountant does Quickbooks for more than 800 small businesses like myself. She has done this for decades. When she tells me to keep receipts one way or track mileage another way. I don’t question her. She’s the expert, she knows what she is doing and she is saving me money. A good web developer who has been doing it for years knows elements you don’t know. If he guides you to say hot pink isn’t going to resonate well with your audience. Trust him. He’s your online marketing accountant who has your best interest in mind. Be flexible, your web designer may know a little more about how to market a particular design than you do.

Help your website designer with your web design development and it will save you and your designer tons of time. If you need a designer, call us at 817-247-6003, or Contact Us, or fill out the form in the footer.