[L]ike your business vehicles, your site is a huge part of your business image. Of course you want your site known across your industry. Thus redesigning your site could be a sales growth opportunity for your organization. That said, “How exactly do we do that?” Well it’s time to study the hidden truth on website redesign.

Regularly Updating Your Site

Fresh content is the secret to your site’s success. Now is the time to study and alter the layout, shape, and page content of your website. Is the site meeting your expectations? Is the site enticing visitors? Do you have a regular routine of updating your sites content? Do you blog?

Once you have punch list organized, its time to find the right web design firm. The company should study your existing site and aid in designing new elements that are visually appealing. Next, share with your designer any major changes that have or are occurring in your company. Whether the site is for private use or for a small business, getting a professional looking site is very important in the current fast paced world of online searching.

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Website Redesign

Ideas for Website RedesignYour next assignment is to search for five websites in your industry that you really like. Make note for your redesigner elements you love. “I like the header on this site, the rotator on that site. The footer on this site is very appealing.” Finally, look outside your industry, find five more websites you love in general. Contribute all these sites in your website redesign discussions going forward.


The Dirty Facts on Website Redesign

In the event you’re knowledgeable in the ways of website hosting, content updates and website security, you might not need a professional. BUT, before you decide to do your redesign yourself, consider the cost in time. Is it worth your time? Can you redesign quicker than a professional who does it ever day? Are you up to speed on the latest SEO tricks and silo?

Website design has developed into a craft all its own. Yes, there are platforms and tools out there to do your redesign yourself. However, we recommend you should involve a professional. That is the hidden truth on website redesign…exposed.