Website Redesign Strategy

[R]edesigning a website is quite similar to redesigning an entirely new website from scratch but there are some specific strategies/steps that we will want to go through to make it a true success.

Sample Site

First, we always build redesigned websites on what we call a sample site. This is basically a hidden website that only people who know the link will know to access. We do this because we do not want to take down your current website until everything is ready and you want to hit that switch.

Website Redesign Strategy – Define the Design

Before we get moving we will want to define the design that we are starting with. Once we get to know more about you and your business we will work with you to find the right design (look and feel) for your new website. We will work with you to make sure that the design that is chosen best fits your genre of business and will work well with your existing content.

Pick the Images

We will need to know what images that you want us to use on this new website. Do you already have them all picked out or is it time to start looking around for those perfect images? We will point you in the direction of what we believe to be the best places to find cheap and quality images that are legal for use.

Website Redesign Strategy – Plan the Pages

While the development team is busy building out that core design we will need you to plan out your pages. Are you keeping all of your current pages? Are you changing the content in them? Will you be removing pages? Will you be adding pages? Once the core design is done we will be ready for your content and we will ask you for your final version for go live.

Now do not worry too much here because there will always be changes and that is why we build all of our websites on WordPress. Once we are done with the site you will be able to easily log in and make any text changes that you want at any time. The only time that you will likely need professional help making changes is if it involves designed images with text.

While each of these steps above does require a lot of effort and a considerable amount of brain power they can all be handled in a systematic way that will not keep you feeling overwhelmed daily. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible website that fits your needs and stays within your budget. We will be with you every step along the way of your website redesign strategy.

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