SEO Plugins

[S]EO plugins are one of the reasons that we use WordPress. Furthermore, there are nearly 28,000 different kinds of plug-ins that can be used on your new website. We offer standard plug-ins that we recommend on every single website. Some of them are listed below. This list focuses on SEO plugins that are recommended to aid in being found online.


Our SEO set up doesn’t end with the theme, skin and website build. We will also install the Yoast plugin to help monitor and recommended SEO verbiage on your pages and post. Yoast offers a page by page account of “Readability” and “SEO ratings.” These ratings utilizing a red light, green light approach.

SEO Plugins – Google Analytics

Once the theme has Google talking to your website, we will install Google Analyticator. This plugin will show you your latest analytics right on your WordPress dashboard. Thus helping you keep track of daily, weekly and monthly visitors to your site. It also shows the most popular pages and the time spent on those pages.

HTML Site Map

Creating a sitemap by hand is tedious and time-consuming. With the HTML Site Map plugin, it will be automatically generated for you. A well-composed sitemap helps Google and other search engines find and rank your page. We want to make it as easy as possible to aid crawlers in ranking and indexing your new website.

For your Google webmaster tools and your Google Analytics to work properly, you will need to generate an XML sitemap. This can be a difficult process without the Google XML Sitemaps tool. Using this product helps produce the appropriate XML code quickly.

These are only a few of the SEO plugins we recommend for all new or rebuilt sites. You might even have a few that you recommend. However, for a FREE analysis and hourly pricing recommended for your site, please don’t hesitate to call at 817-247-6003 or contact us through this online form.