More Website Plugins and Features

In addition to SEO Plugins, WordPress offers more plugins and features that should be a part of every new website. Plugins for backups, or social sharing and even plugins for custom footers can be added. Consult with a WordPress specialist for all your website needs and features. Our specialist will help you find and design the right plugins and features for you.

Backup Setup

First, sometimes things just go wrong online and things crash and they just flat break. We will install and set up a backup plugin so if that happens it will be easier for you to have the site restored. Nowadays, it is not a question of “if” but rather a question of “when.”

More Website Plugins and Features – Social Plug-ins

Next, websites today are just part of the social world and we install the right social plugins for it. We will make sure that your social media links are easy to find and work. Social sharing plug-ins will be added as well to make your content easy to share with many social media platforms.

Custom Footers

Additionally, you will be able to customize your website footers. This means that if you want ads at the bottom or just links to other websites that you recommend, you can do it. For the launch of the website, we will work with you to decide what works best to get you started. More so, it is easy as drag and drops to add to these custom footers.

More Website Plugins and Features – Consulting

Finally, you are not alone and we will consult with you to get your website built and launched. Therefore, with each website package, we provide an hour of our time that can be used to discuss anything. In closing, we will consult with you on titles, page content, and where to find the best images.

These are just a few of the more popular plugins and features we will recommend for your new website. Contact us today for a FREE evaluation quote for your new design.