How to Make Your Website a Better House of Cards

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[I]f you are like me, I love the Netflix series House of Cards. This past Friday, Netflix released Season 4, and I am sure many Americans stayed home and binge watched. However, today I don’t want to talk about politics or the obscurity of Frank Underwood that makes us nervous about the future President Trump. Rather I want to dissect six elements we can learn from the website that makes a better House of Cards.

1. A Simple Website Make a Better House of Cards

So often we get caught up in designing a website that has tons of pages and many layers of content. This simple website contains one long page with a simple message, to inform the viewer about Season 4’s release date.

Does it do it’s job effectively? I think so. It stays on message, makes good use of white space, is mobile responsive, and gets the most important message out front before the user scrolls. Lots can be learned from such a simple site. Take a look if you haven’t already.

House of Cards Example of a Call to Action

2. A Better House of Cards has a Top Call to Action

It is it important to have a clean site with a simple message. Equally important is to have your “call-to-action” be above the fold on the home page. Take a look above. There is only one action on the home page above the fold… “Join the Movement.”

3. A Better House of Cards Adds to their Mailing List

Traffic to your website is a must. Do you get their email address before they leave? Create a box or an incentive for potential clients or followers to add their mailing address to your campaign.

Examples of Website Freebies

4. A Better House of Cards Gives Something Away for Free

One of the ways to gain followers is to give something digital away for free (perhaps in exchange for joining your mailing address). But what if that freebie also promoted your brand or cause? Take a look above as Netflix is giving bumper stickers, posters, Facebook cover pages, all etc. promoting House of Cards Season 4’s release date.

5. Good Videos Make a Better House of Cards

Sadly, given the choice, people would rather watch a video than read a book or article. The phrase, “Have you YouTubed It?” is heard daily in my line of work. Don’t kick against the goad, give your audience what they want. Provide video samples of your product and service and place it squarely on the front page of your website.

Examples of a Website Using Video and Social Media Buttons

6. A Better House of Cards Promotes Social Media Sharing

My final tip is give your audience the means to promote your website straight from the site itself. This is true not only for your website, but also for your blog. Don’t make people think. Social sharing icons are the normal and people use them. Let your website be a site that people share.

There are many element that make up a great website, blog, or landing page. Sometimes the smallest tweak take us to the highest peaks. You need a site that works your business. After all, it’s what Frank Underwood would recommend. “American Works” through real websites, for real business, not just those playing a house of cards!

Image courtesy of Netflix House of Cards and

What do you think makes a great simple website? Are you going to watch Season 4 of House of Cards?