Small business friends and clients, today I want to talk about a new product I’ve stumbled across that will help you with your blogging. The website is called SpeechTexter. What it does is it uses a component of Google Chrome, to allow you to type into a program like a notepad that transcribes what you say as you talk.

Benefits of Voice Blogging

This blog today I dictated by just talking to my screen. What’s great about this is this accomplishes two things: First, you have the ability to very quickly by just talking. Most of us can clearly talk faster than we could ever write. As small business owners, we are all very busy and don’t have time to do things that would help us with our marketing, such as blogging. And the problem with blogging is that it takes a lot of time.

Screen Shot of Speech Texter

I’m always looking for tools that will help you. I think this tool is amazing it requires a minimal amount of effort in editing but still allows you to write faster than you could actually type yourself. Besides most of us are really good at talking.

Benefits of Blogging – A Refresher

The problem with blogging is frequency. You must have a regular frequency that can be once a week, once a month, or once a day. However, as a small business owner, you tend to get caught up and not being able to keep the frequency you choose. Using voice dictation as a form of blocking, allows you to accomplish your blogging goals. By actually doing this today, this entire blog took me less than five minutes to put together. Yes it requires some editing, yes it required posting on WordPress, but nonetheless, the content, which is usually the hardest part, was easy to write.

I can think of so many other benefits of voice dictation. Such as voicing emails, documents, instructions, “To Do” lists, and of course blogging. My final thought is to remember:

  • Proofread all the work you dictate,
  • Add good H2s into your blog,
  • Add pictures (I recommend,
  • Stay at it with the frequency you pick (daily, weekly or monthly).

I’m always cheering for you and always looking for better products that will help you be more successful. I love this product and hope you do too. It currently only works on Google Chrome.

By the way, know anybody that’s looking for a great website make sure to send them my way!

Tell me about a product that you found it really speeds up your work I’d love to hear about it.