Actionable Marketing Tips:

When developing your video strategy, think about where your customers are in the sales process (their “customer journey”) and then create several videos that align with the different stages:

For brand awareness, you should have a video to introduce potential customers to your brand or service.

When they decide that they want to know more about your brand, consider offering them a “solutions overview” video to address some of their challenges.

Toward the end of the customer journey, you should have several product videos to demonstrate how your product works or what benefits it offers. Cisco makes over 1000 videos per year, just to make sure that their prospects understand the product throughout all phases of their customer journey.

via Mobile Social Media Exploding According to New Research | Social Media Examiner.

The idea of making videos can be quite daunting and time consuming. While we do have a green room that we offer up for client use and we do offer video services, know that this is something that you can do yourself. Having a YouTube channel is free and it just takes a gmail account to set it up.

It is amazing the quality of video that an iPhone can make. There is even an iPhone film festival, check out the video below.

Winners of the 4th Annual iPhone Film Festival from iPhone Film Festival on Vimeo.
When it comes to making videos one of the most important things to consider is the sound. This can be quite tricky and this is why most people end up in a studio. The second most important thing to consider when making videos is the lighting. You want to make sure that people can see you clearly or what you are trying to show them.

Another option in video making is one that I do quite often, on screen tutorials. If you are selling a digital product like I am then you may find on screen tutorials like the one listed below quite intriguing.

I Teach Blogging – How to turn off WordPress User Toolbar from Renee Groskreutz on Vimeo.
You can use a program as simple as Quicktime to record your screen. Regardless of the type of video that you make I recommend having a script planned out and make sure that you are adding value to the viewer.