The Benefits of Guest Blogging and Backlinking

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You’ve probably heard lots of discussions that backlinks will help with your SEO. That is very true but what exactly does that mean? Does guest blogging help with that? Whether you have a blog or website, the idea of guest posting on another blog or website with a link back to your website is a way to create more links which help improve your SEO. Neal Patel has a great definition of backlinks, so watch this…

What are Backlinks?

What are the Benefits of Guest Blogging

Today I want to give you a tip about the idea of actually guest blogging on other people’s blogs. Just like Neal said in the video, you don’t need to guest blog on just anybody’s site, you need to guest post on blogs that are related to your industry. Guest blogging is the idea of creating an article or content of interest and getting them posted on other people’s blogs. This is done with the purpose of having a link back to your website to greatly helps your SEO.

Why We No Longer Allow Guest Posts for Free

We currently manage our own website and we also manage a blog called Daddy Got Custody. The Daddy Got Custody blog has been around for 10 years and gets lots of traffic. As such it receives roughly 7 to 10 guest post requests a day. Attorneys and other people, in the divorce or custody business, have found that if they guest blog on Daddy Got Custody they will receive lots of traffic back to their site. It is for this reason that they want to guest post. However, what they are really after is the backlink. That backlink is what greatly improves their SEO.

We have reached a point in popularity and both on our website as well as our blog, that we no longer allow guest blogging for free. We currently charge $25 a post for people to guest blog here or on Daddy Got Custody.

Your Small Business Needs to Guest Blog

Your small business may not be to this point of charging, however, what is important is that you should be in the business of guest blogging. Your business NEEDS to blog on related industry blogs.

Blogging and backlinking is a great way to greatly improve the SEO of your business and I highly recommend that you try to do it even if you can only do it once a month. This task is something that is relatively free and easy to do that greatly improves the traffic to your website. As always we are trying to find ways that we can help you promote yourself and get found online.

For more information and anything, we can do to help you please reach out to us. Happy blogging and backlinking!