What Are the Main Uses of Using a Domain and Social Media Name Checker?

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What Are the Main Uses of Using a Domain and Social Media Name Checker?

In a previous article, Fred Campos delved into the importance of branding for business success. The core of your branding efforts is your business name, making it crucial to choose one carefully. It’s advisable to use the same name for your URL or domain and social media pages for consistency. That’s why some business owners try to find available domain names first before creating a list of potential business names. This way, you won’t run into the trouble of deciding on a name only to find out you can’t use a web address with it because the domain is taken.

The truth, however, is that finding a fitting name is easier said than done. There are several considerations, including your company’s vision and its products or services, marketing potential, and how the name matches other design elements in your website. Ticking all of these boxes take time and resources. Some budding entrepreneurs even hire consultants for planning and launching their company, which also covers naming and other branding aspects.

The good news is there are digital tools that can help you accomplish this task. A domain and social media name checker can save you from a lot of headaches in trying to find the right name for your business. Continue reading below to learn about its main uses.

Domain & Social Media Name Checker – Speeds Up the Process

At the time of writing, there are more than 639 million registered domains worldwide as shown in a report from Domain Name Stat. Thousands more are added every month. Unless the name you have in mind is extremely unique, you’ll be hard-pressed to find name variations that are all available.

Using a domain and social media name checker lets you filter through hundreds of results within seconds. You can have recommendations that will let you form a short list of names that are viable for registration.

Contributes to Building a Good Reputation

Your business can operate without a website, but Namechk advises having one along with a corresponding domain name because it adds credibility. A domain and social media name checker can show suggestions that can help you establish your brand.

That’s because your domain and social media assets not only make you more visible to customers. They allow your business to have more interactions with them, which is beneficial for building brand loyalty.

Domain & Social Media Name Checker – Helps You Follow Best Practices

A domain and social media name checker also accounts for best practices when suggesting names. Business.com lists some of them such as localization, recall factor, and how easy they are to type in search browsers or social media platforms. When you input a name you like into the tool, it will provide optimal candidates based on these criteria or other similar metrics.

In addition to the above, a domain and social media name checker can also deliver creative name options that may help you stand out from the competition. A name that encapsulates your commitment to serving customers is good, but having one that’s catchy at the same time is even better.

Takes SEO Into Consideration

Digital Connect Mag notes that a good domain name can aid your SEO efforts. A name that signifies the greatest qualities of your business fosters consumer trust. A domain and social media name checker can point you toward some excellent options that could aid in achieving this goal.

Getting that trust means gaining more traffic to your website and social media pages. In turn, it helps you improve your search engine rankings, which then increases your brand awareness further. It’s a snowball effect from which any business will benefit greatly.

As discussed above, the advantages of using a domain and social media name checker go well beyond the initial stages of a business. Owning a name that’s exactly right for your company lets you paint a clearer picture of how to nurture your brand in the long run.

Start your journey by making a website that delivers your needs as well as those of your customers. We here at DFW Website Designers can guide you every step of the way.

What are your thoughts? What additional advice would you add?

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