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The point is that social media is a teeny tiny reflection of what happens in day-to-day life. In Jonah Berger’s Contagious, he makes the salient point that only 7% of word of mouth happens online


ITeachBlogging‘s insight:

I believe that the point of this blog post is that all things take time. Over the years we have had clients get extremely excited about the prospect of social media but they did not give it the time and effort that it deserved. There is no doubt that back in the old days of social media, 2010, that was likely due to hype. When social media for business first took off it was a new frontier of marketing and the potential seemed huge but the analytics behind it were not quite there yet.


The success was happening for a distinct and lucky few and over time we started to call those the flukes. There are a lot of people making a living as social media managers these days and as a result there is a lot being said about the pathway to success. We at FunCitySocialMedia, were early adopters and as such my opinion of social media business has changed. I believe that social media is an amazing marketing tool for small business owners but only if you dedicate the time that success requires.


We no longer offer social media as a service but that is not because we do not believe in it but rather because we believe that it is best done by an inside man. Do not get me wrong, there is a lot that can be done by an offsite social media manager but in the end it is best done by someone who is far more intimate with the business.


So my tip here is, use social media as a networking tool and treat it exactly like a networking meeting.

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