In this short blog post, I am going to challenge you to sit back and spend some time thinking about your website. We often end up cluttering our websites up with lots of information, I understand because I too am guilty. However, sometimes we need to sit back and study the masters of marketing in the world. Today we are going to take a quick look at how Apple handles web design.

Apple has mastered the art of simplicity. Do you remember those iconic silhouette Apple iPod commercials? If not take a look at the video below.


Apple has one of the best designed websites in the world. Steve Jobs was obsessed with simplicity. He did not want anything on his products that was not absolutely necessary. He would challenge ever button, every dot and ever curve. Apple treats their digital presence in the same way.


When you got the iPhone 5S page on their site you will  see one thing, a beautiful view of the phone. When you look at this webpage you don’t just see a phone but you see a work of art, a thing of beauty. With this one page they are creating a mood, a feeling, dare I say a sensation.

There is no other product competing on this page. There is no fancy sidebar asking for you to sign up for a mailing list. There is just subtle options above the phone for you to click on a link and learn more.

My question to you today is, are you overwhelming your website visitors with too much on a single page? What can you do to really draw a potential buyer in?

Challenge: Go look at your website and ask yourself what can go away? Analyze five pages on your site and just sit back and think about the message that you are trying to send. We are a visual sort of people and we make snap decisions on a website. If this was not your website would you know what action the website owner wants you to take?

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