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Virtual Assistant for your business

DFW Website Designers is please to announce we will now offer digital fractional virtual assistants.  For the past 5 years, our company is run by a team of exceptional worker from around the world who help build and support our website business.  Much like the suggestion from Tim Ferris’s “4-Hour Work Week” we believe teams of people make the difference.  Over the past year we have been asked by numerous clients how to hire Virtual Assistants.  I have even put together a seven part video series if you want to do it yourself.

Virtual assistant are great for help with:

Social media

Logo design

Brochure building

Data entry

Email response

Email management

Chat management

Loading content


Creating content from Chat GPT

Pretty much anything data related but not customer interfacing (that’s coming soon)

So after testing for 3 months we are please to announce we are offering prepaid month fractional support.

5 hours a week


22 hours a month

10 hours a week


44 hours a month

20 hours a week


86 hours a month

30 hours a week


130 hours a month

40 hours a week


173 hours a month

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