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Your DFW Website Designers Packages & Services

Your DFW Website Designers Packages & Services

Our pricing is unique too. We operate on an attorney retailer model. Everything is the same price whether designing a logo or SEO, a 5-page website or a 100-page website. We charge by the prepaid page design. We have built a single page website (called a landing page) and we have worked on projects that were 1000s of pages. So here is our rate, we charge $797 core base, plus $150 for each additional page design (Note with eCommerce products this counts as one, we don’t charge for each product per se and with per page design. Most informational website only have one or two page designs)

1st Page, Home Page/Landing Page $797,
2nd Page Design $897 etc.

All of our products have ongoing SEO work, page one Google ranking, search engine monitoring. We’re taking on a few good clients. Check us out and see if you qualify!

These 5 packages below are a guide. Consider a free consultation to get an estimate on hours and price as really no two clients are the same and we custom build websites, thus no cookie cutter.

Landing Page Campaign - $797

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You have:

a) a great website and just need to capture a couple of keywords to drive more traffic to that site,

b) you just need the phone to ring when somebody Google’s X, or

c) you’re an absolute cheapskate but you need a one page website, have one product or one service, and only one price and want to sell it.

Basic design SEO Website Package

Usually 3 – 5 pages

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You have no website and very limited funds. However, you need the best website built for just under a grand. You are willing to do a lot of the content work, gather pictures, write out some of the basic pages, but you still need a professional design. Perhaps you can build the website yourself, but you need to take it to another level.

New design SEO Website package

Avg 5 – 20 pages, based on complexity

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You don’t have a website at all, or your site is so bad it isn’t worth saving any content. Don’t worry, we’ll build you something awesome and SEO it to page one on Google. It’s a complete custom design start over. We’ll analyse your needs and take care of everything.

Onsite SEO - Avg $500-$2000 a month

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You need traffic. Your business needs a social media or perhaps an email campaign. You need a funnel system to promote your products. Perhaps your business needs someone to manage and design your marketing campaign. We’ll dedicate an SEO specialist 6-8 hours a day, one day a week. If you’re in the DFW area, this person will work onsite. We require a two-month minimum commitment.

Re-design SEO Website package

Avg 5 – 10 Pages

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You have a crummy website, but you need a complete mobile responsive re-design. Only this time it needs to be rebuilt with SEO in mind. It needs to hit page one on Google and it actually needs to work for you, allowing you to be found online. Maybe there are a few good elements worth keeping, but it needs to be redesigned with Search Engine Optimization in mind.

Virtual Assistant Services

We offer Fractional Virtual

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*One more thought: Prior to 04/01/2016 We did offer refunds. We are service-oriented individuals who will walk on hot coals, exchange services, and do a rain dance in order to make our clients happy, but the state of business today does not allow us to offer refunds anymore. Thanks, we really appreciate your understanding. Unused hours can be credited for support.*

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