Best SEO Website Design

Best SEO Website Design by DFW Website Designers[Y]ou may be wondering what we mean by “Best SEO Website Design.” The answer is not exactly cut and dry, simple and to the point. However, we will try and break down a few important key points.

Front End Design: Be User Friendly

The most important thing when building or redesigning a website is to keep the end user in mind. There is a book that the team here references quite often, “Don’t Make Me Think.” Essentially the point of the book is to not make a user on your website think too much. Now, we are not by any means saying that your website visitor is dumb, but rather they are busy. If you make your website so difficult to navigate, people leave. You need to make your user navigate without thinking too hard.

You may be wondering what this has to do with SEO? The answer is fairly simple, Google cares about users. If your website is too complicated to navigate then Google will penalize you. Remember, in the end, the point of SEO gets you ranked higher on the search engines so you care a great deal about this issue.

Back End Design: Faster Load Times

It is critical that your website loads quickly. If your website is taking more than 10 seconds to load then something is wrong. If it is taking too long then you either have a really slow site or really slow internet. One of the keys to faster load times is making sure that your images are not too big and that there is not too much on the front page.

Another secret to faster load time is having clean code. We build all of our websites on a foundation of WordPress and a clean theme. We start with these two things above all because the experts that built these platforms spent a great deal of time making sure that they have SEO friendly themes with clean code and as a result faster load times.

Best SEO Website Design

These are just two of our tips for best SEO website design. If you feel like your website needs an SEO boost or you are ready to build your brand new website then feel free to Contact us. We are here and ready to build your new website.