Do SEO Your Way. Tips on how to do it yourself.

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“Ranking high in Googles search results or seo can have a phenomenal impact on the success of your business. You can either engage the expertise of a Search Engine Optimisation company, or if you have the time, there are some changes you can make to your website yourself.”

In the blog post by SocialViralng: SEO MY WAY: HOW TO DO SEO YOURSELF they provide three tips on how you can get started doing your own SEO.

The first step that they cover is Keyword Research.

This is probably your most critical step and should be done above all things. There are two things that I would like to point out about this step.

#1 In today’s digital world you need to stop thinking in terms of a single keyword. Instead start thinking in terms of phrases or questions. More and more searches are happening in a mobile environment and by voice. When people are doing search by voice they do not just say a keyword such as “SEO.” Instead people say phrases like “How can I do my own SEO?”

#2 They say to write down as many keywords as you can think of and this is a great piece of advice. My suggestion here is to create yourself a google spreadsheet document. Then share this with your team that will help with keyword research. Then go to the google keyword planner tool and start researching your keywords. Do not just purely rely on what you think people are searching for. If you do that you are shooting in the dark when there is no need for it.

#3 Go to Google and start typing in your keyword. If you start tying without hitting enter Google will make suggestions for you. Pay close attention to those suggestions because they are what other people searching for. It is likely that you will want to create entire landing pages or blog post around those phrases.

Their second step covers how to arrange your content for the best possible SEO possibilities. See their notes below. 

•             Place your keywords in headings, preferably at the beginning of the heading;

•             Include keywords towards the top of the page;

•             Bold or italicize keywords where appropriate;

•             Instead of having a link to another page that says “Click here to read more”, reword it to include your keywords

The tip here that I believe gets most overlooked is the power of bold. Bolding text provides visual clues to what is important and also helps the search engines in the same way. Use the bold text command sparsely but do use it.

All in all there is some really great tips provided by Deji in the blog post. I highly recommend reading the entire post and implementing the tips and ideas. Do remember above all things that while content is king, valuable content is the king of kings. Keep your reader in mind above all things.

What are you doing for your SEO? Do you have any quick tips that you would like to share?

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