How to SEO a Picture for Your Website

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[I] get asked by many clients how to get to page one on Google without paying for it. The answer is complicated and requires a bunch of steps, not the least of which is having good and organized content rich in keywords. I alluded to the steps in Five Free WordPress Tips for Slick Searchable SEO. But let’s zero in on one of the simplest way to improve SEO, add very nice SEO’d picture. With your picture selected, here are the details…

How to SEO a Picture for Your Website

1. Rename the Picture to Match Your Title. So you bought your appropriate picture from your favorite photo club (mine is, resized it and saved it to your hard-drive. Now it’s time to rename it to your exact post or page title. For example in this post, my featured image is called How-to-SEO-a-Picture-for-Your-Website.jpg.

2. Right Click Image & Fill Out the Details. SEO begins on your hard-drive right after you saved the file with a good title name. Next from your File Manager, right click the image, go to the “Details” tab and fill in all the blanks using your title.

The Image Properties as Seen from File Manager

3. SEO the Title, Meta Description, & Meta Keywords in WordPress. After you upload the image, you again take the time to fill out all the tags, meta descriptions and meta keywords inside of WordPress. If you are using tools such as Yoast, you also fill out the SEO for those tools as well. Remember to redirect your image back to your WordPress permalink as well.

SEO the Image Again Inside the WordPress Media Library

4. If You Embed the Image in Your Post, Fill in the Alt and Title Tags There Too. If you happen to copy the image and use it in your post, aka not your featured image, but actually in the post, go ahead and fill in the alt and title tags for that image.

How to SEO a Picture once Inside WordPress

This seems like a lot of work and details and it actually is. But the sure fact that most bloggers and web designers do not take this much time for a single image, puts you ahead of the curve. Images are an important addition to good content, but they are equally important to having good content indexed by search engines such as Google.

Go forth and add pictures to your website, and report back what happens!

What tips do you have for SEO? How do you SEO your images?

Image courtesy of Dollar Photo Club.