[I]t has been 3 ½ years ago since I first introduced steps for Pinterest to Increase Business Interest. It is time to review the value of Pinterest for your blog or website. As we dive deep into this analysis I have some good news to tell you… Pinterest is valuable for website backlinks and traffic to your site. Let’s take a look.

Why Pinterest is a Good Piece of Social Media

For most businesses, doing social media is a daily task that most business owners, frankly don’t have the time to deal with. With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn the way to stay relevant is to post and update pretty much every day. Blogging and podcast, well those require updates at least weekly. So how is Pinterest different?

Pinterest is the only piece of social media that continues to work for you day after day, month after month and year after year. In fact, in our test case, we didn’t add any posts to Pinterest for over a year to see what would happen. Would backlinks grow? Would we get more traffic from image posts a year later? Let’s see the data…

Pinterest is Valuable – The Data

In our test case, Pinterest, with relatively no new pins in over a year, still accounts for the 41% of all of the traffic to Daddy Got Custody blog. Also it is good to note that the bigger longer posts are doing much better than a basic 400×267 image. So creating longer 300×700 sized Pins seem to be moving the needle.

Conclusion: You absolutely positively have to have a business Pinterest account. You should create Pins for all your pages and all your blog posts, even if is only done once a year. The backlinks are incredible and have done nothing but increased since we last did this test 3½ years ago.

If you need help with this, reach out to us and we can help you get Pinterest setup, or better yet, you can outsource your social media to use for a minimal monthly fee.

Until then, keep pinning for continuous success in your small business!