Website Maintenance

[T]en to fifteen years ago, all websites were created basically in static HTML code. That code could be locked down for years at a time. There were no scripts, no database based CMS code that was dynamic running. Today, many websites are built in WordPress having both a content and a database component. Furthermore, additional scripts and plugins are added for complex inquiries and a more dynamic web presence. With advancement comes opportunities for improvements, upgrades, and yes the need for website maintenance.

Website Maintenance Starts with Upgrades & Patches

A good website company should offer some form of website maintenance. At a minimum, the WordPress core needs updating regularly to stay current. Roughly about four times a year, WordPress releases upgrades and patches for security improvements. It is highly recommended that these patches be added to your website regularly. Depending on your website’s components, these upgrades need to be performed by your web designer. They can study to see if any new bugs are introduced with the upgrade and can be addressed at the same time.

Backups & Recovery

We live in an overly connected society. You need a solution when servers go down. We can be affected by malware software and even generic hackers are pinging and test our websites for vulnerability. It is just the age we live in. You need to have some form of ongoing website maintenance so that a web company can restore your site. (And re-route hosting should a major hack or outage occur.)

Minor Improvements

Finally, although websites tend to be static in content, there are times when you need to make minor changes. What if your hours of operation change for the holidays? Imagine adding another staff member you want to highlight on your website? What if your office locations change? You need to consider these options and add them into a small website maintenance agreement.

Websites are a needed part of your overall online presence and security. Backup & recovery systems and even minor changes need to be a part of your ongoing plan. If you need help with website maintenance Contact Us today for a free quote.