Website Add-Ons

Website are more than just a digital calling card. Today, website add-ons encompass custom logos, advanced rotators, custom and changing sidebars and footers as well as great PhotoShopped images. A great website needs to be eye catching as well as very easy to read with great content.

Gone are the days of throwing together a simple four-page website that consists of only Home, Services, About Us, and Contact Us. Websites today, are mobile responsive, themed and extremely informative to the audience they are marketing.

Website Add-Ons – Custom Logo

Your site needs a logo or brand that is felt and represented throughout the entire website. It needs to look professional and needs to explain your business graphically. If you don’t have a logo, one of the best companies to use to have you create multiple logos to choose from is 99 Design. We have used this company numerous times for logos as well as other product designs. Fred’s even used it to custom design a tie, but that’s another story.

Nice Advance Rotators

WordPress plugins have come a long way over the last two to three years. Mobile responsive designer rotators are appearing on the front of many themes and many websites to highlight the three or four features of our clients. Nice visual rotators that are moving and keeping customers engaged are now the norm and popular amongst most new websites.

Website Add-Ons – Custom Sidebars & Footers

We at DFW Website Designers, allow both custom sidebars and footers for the detail content pages of your website. Prior designs would facilitate the creation of one standard sidebar for your deep pages, but we feel that is not sufficient. We allow as many custom sidebars and footers to fit the needs of your particular page.

These represent only some of the website add-ons to promote the creation of your very own custom website. Contact us today for your free evaluation so we can design an eye-catching website for you!