Social Media Services

[W]hen it comes to online marketing and SEO, social media was always an afterthought. However, today social media has become a major player in aiding online marketing. For example, a page on your new website posted on Google Plus can be found within 24 hours on a Google search. For this reason, DFW Website Designers now offers social media services as part of our SEO assistance.

Social Media Services Starts with Twitter

Who knew that 280 (use to be 140) characters could be so popular. However, the power of Twitter is not the short messages, although they are a wonder, but rather that you can follow people in your demographics, quickly and easily. For example, if you are a local restaurant. It is possible to follow people who live in the same city as your restaurant. A weight loss consultant? You can follow people in our area talking about losing weight. It is both a scary and powerful online marketing tool.

Everyone Needs a Business Facebook Fan Page

According to Zephoria December 2017 Facebook Statistics there are over two billion Facebook users worldwide. Read that number again. As a business, you absolutely, positively have to have a business fan page. Facebook is just as big of a search engine as is Google. Is your business searchable on Facebook? It needs to be.

Google Plus is Ummm, Owned by Google

As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, you may not necessarily think or use Google Plus as much as you would other search engines. But we have not seen a page rank faster than posting it to Google Plus. Google favors its own platform. So utilizing this form of social media is a must for higher SEO rankings.

Social Media Services Ends with YouTube

Last but certainly not least, is the power of video and video on YouTube. According to Danny Donchev in 2017, almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Is your business on YouTube? Are you solving a problem or promoting a service on YouTube that links back to your website? Did we mention, “Oh yeah, YouTube is owned by Google.”

There are tons more social media platforms out there which might be a huge impact on your business. Social media services are now a major part of SEO and online marketing. Talk to a DFW Website Designer representation today. Or call us at 817-247-6003 or fill out our simple form on our Let’s Talk page. For more information and to receive a FREE custom quote on how social media services can help you contact us.