Three big factors go into making a user-friendly modern ticketing website – compatibility, versatility and, chiefly, speed. A study by Kissmetrics, analyzed by Entrepreneur, found 40% of users abandon slow websites – with ‘slow’ defined as load times of over 3 seconds. That clearly demonstrates the importance that users place on a well-designed, fast website. With such fine margins, it pays to ensure your website is fast and user-centric.

For events organizers, this is crucial – events sell out quickly, especially where the big guns are concerned, and a frustrating website experience will drive customers away. For the events industry, a fast and customer focused web design is the first, and most important, a step towards online success.

Cross Platform Compatibility

With the huge range of smartphones available today outselling feature phones from 2013 onwards (according to IDC), and now standing as the most popular way to get online, it is essential for a savvy online business to be able to reach multiple platforms to appeal to a wider audience. More than that, smartphones top popularity charts for getting online, according to research reported by the New York Post. Ensure that your web design is compatible with multiple platforms so customers can access your web-based event sales service seamlessly and without frustration. Bear in mind that 2.2-second improvement, and how speed and ease of use will help your client base.

Intuitive Design and Details

For every website that has a real-world application – as opposed to being purely digital – it is crucial to include intuitive details suited to your products. Think about scale. If you’re a small scale, local events organizer, it can be helpful to provide small, locally known items; such as directions to the venue, and street-level maps. For a larger, national organizer, you’re going to need larger-scale maps that can be linked into the surrounding state geography. Consider using local travel tips and ideas for foods and drinks, including closing times. It can be helpful to link to local travel infrastructure, too.

Keeping Your Infrastructure Up to Date

Initial website design is exciting, and getting a great product together that works quickly, efficiently, and effectively, is a challenge. The worst mistake you can make is resting on your laurels. According to tech guru Toms Hardware, 30% of websites use outdated code. The main problem here is security. Outdated web architecture makes ripe pickings for hackers, and that can be disastrous in a client-led business. Aside from that, new versions of code bring with them faster speeds, better design elements and compatibility with new protocols. Many search engines can be picky in their rankings if websites are not compliant with up-to-date security and architecture protocols.

Build your website inclusive, built it smart, and keep it maintained. Do all of this, and you’ll be well on your way to having a great events ticketing website.

Featured image by Lee Campbell on Unsplash.