by Michael Kelly

Having a SEO strategy is a must nowadays, when people are looking for products and services online. Developing your effective SEO strategy is not easy, because the online medium is always changing and reinventing itself. But with a strong set of rules in mind, you can make your own highly effective SEO strategy.

Effective SEO Strategy – Start with a SEO Map

Before you dive into the huge pool of SEO elements you need to have a clear map of what you want. Create a mind map of your strategy, which should contain your projects’ phases, objectives and team. Once you have these elements in place, link them to the central project plan. Then you can start dividing and conquering each individual element. For example, your objectives can be divided into smaller objectives and so on. The further away from the central plan, the more specific your map elements will become. There is a reason it is called mind map: it will help you create a plan and manage to think about it in all details, without being overwhelmed.

Create a Plan on Paper

An SEO strategy is a plan, which needs to be put down on paper, so you can assign tasks and track their status. The more in-depth your plan, the more things you will need to manage, so it’s a great idea to find a task manager tool and create your SEO strategy with the help of seo enterprise tools. Make sure every person involved in the project can understand the plan and know which task is assigned to whom, the timeline of the tasks and if they are recurring or not.

Effective SEO Strategy – The 3 Qs of Understanding Your Company

No matter if you are the owner of the company or you are an outsourced specialist, you need to understand the company you are making the SEO strategy for. To help you do this you have to be able to answer three main questions:

  1. What makes the company unique?
  2. Explain the company’s vision?
  3. What are the weakest points of the company?

Get to Know Your Audience

Before you even start planning a SEO strategy you have to know your audience in detail. Use surveys, talk to them, gather as many information as you can, so you can know exactly what your customers’ needs are and what they want. Depending on how familiar they are with the industry, the level of their education and their views on digital marketing, your audience is going to respond to specific elements. The more specific your SEO strategy is, the better for your company.

Effective SEO Strategy – Set Goals and Track their Status

A successful SEO strategy has precise goals, which focus on specific elements. Your goals should involve more than increasing the profit, so you need to choose which metrics you need for your strategy. An SEO strategy does more than just increasing the profit and has long-term effects on your business. This means your metrics need to reflect all these, from rankings to authority links.

Every business can benefit from a good SEO strategy, so embrace these five steps and create your own effective strategy, making it part of your business management.

What’s your effective SEO strategy? What elements would you add?