DFW Web Fix – Quick Website Fix Service

Need a one-time small tweak? Do things yourself but you’re in a bind? Got a change that might take you hours but a professional could do in 30 minutes? Need to change an address, add an image, plugin, change some verbiage, or just want a consult? We can help and get you back to business! Dig up your WordPress admin logon or your ftp password (for HTML sites) and make your choice below.

Our DFW Web Fix – Quick Website Fix

Once you pay and we’ll return you a welcome eMail asking for your WordPress Dashboard user id & password along with your FTP access request. Write your simple short request (one that could be done in 30 minutes by a professional), and we’ll complete it quickly. For example:

  • A change to a phone number or hours of your business.
  • Adding or deleting staff from your companies website.
  • Switching out a logo on your website.
  • Add a company blog post or changing out minor content.
  • Updating your WordPress plugins.
  • Backup your website.
  • Fixing a broken link.
  • Changing a price on a product.
  • Install or style a theme.
  • Create and stylize pages

How to Buy Our DFW Web Fix – Quick Website Fix

Glad you asked! Click the button below to make your payment, eMail us your URL, and website access. Watch your inbox for our special eMail access and we’ll be in touch.

1/2 Hour – 8 Hours One-time

Here is how this works. Make your purchase, send us an eMail with logon or passwords for your site along with your requested change. We’ll get it done right away. If we have questions, we’ll call you. It’s that easy!