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Pages and pricing shown are a starting guide and only for current clients of DWD. No two clients are the same and support and hosting for each may vary. We advise you to get a free consultation by calling 817-247-6003 for exact pricing. Nevertheless, here is what a typical hosting and support could entail. Yours could be much smaller or larger based on needs.

[Y]ou are an existing client and you just got a new website or one redesigned. The question you have to ask yourself is where should I host it and how should I support it?


Our DFW Website Designers’ – Hosting Plans

When you are a company that builds 100-150 websites a year, you cannot offer great service without offering a good hosting plan to boot. We currently charge $10/mo for hosting and here is what you get and why you should go with us.

  • First, we currently manage three servers, two with MediaTemple, and one dedicated server on OVH (here in the US). Over the last ten years, we have studied good hosting companies, we have purposely chosen these two for additional uptime and support.
  • It is much easier for your web developer team to support a website that they host. Enough said.
  • So many times it is hard to tell when it is a website problem or hosting problem. Marrying the two together eliminates one of those steps.
  • We are in the website business managing websites is something we do. Thus we can make ongoing hosting improvements as time goes on.
  • One less element of your website you need to track.


Our DFW Website Designers’ – Spam Filter Plan

If you are hosting your emails locally and having to host through us, we can provide an additional monitored service of BoxTrapping aka Spam Filtering your email. We currently charge $25/mo for hosting and spam filtering.

  • Email spam is an unfortunate necessary evil that exists today. Spam is always changing and requires a constant monitor. We can provide this for you as a service.
  • You may try to spam filter your email through your email reader, but it is much more effective to stop it at the source, your server.
  • Using both advanced AI (artificial intelligence) as well as a human spot-checking element, we can provide one of the best spam filter services around.
  • Clients using this service save hours of not shifting through, porn, fishing, irrelevant email.


Our DFW Website Designers’ – Ongoing eMail and Change Support

As a client of ours, we can offer unlimited website changes and support for your new website. All we ask is that you reduce all your changes to an email and limit your request to know more than one or two items per day. In return, we will fix your changes within two business days. We currently charge $25/mo for existing client website support.

  • Perhaps you want to add a new page to your website in the future.
  • Maybe your hours will change or you need to add another person to your About page.
  • Perhaps your business will offer a new service that needs to be added or maybe even highlighted on your website.


Our DFW Website Designers’ – Everything Package

You need hosting, support and spam filtering. Heck, you just want us to take good care of you moving forward and at a reasonable price. We currently charge $30/mo for existing clients. Leave everything to us, we’ll take care of and manage your website.

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