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We price landing pages one of two ways: 1) One-time fee of $797 + $10/mo hosting. No two landing pages are the same and can be accomplished in shorter or longer time. We advise you to get a free consultation by calling 817-247-6003 for more details. Nevertheless, here is what a typical landing page entails.

You have a) a great website and just need to capture a couple of keywords to drive more traffic to that site, b) you just need the phone to ring when somebody Google’s X, or c) you’re an absolute cheapskate but you need a one page website, have one product or one service, and only one price and want to sell it.


Our Quick DFW Web Design – Landing Page Package

For this price, you have nothing more to do. We are in complete design control. You have to answer three questions and we’ll do all the rest.

  1. What is the url and/or name of your existing website and phone number?
  2. Do you want this landing page’s “call to action” linked to your existing website or your phone number?
  3. Give me 4 keywords or phrases you want this new landing page found under in Google.


With the DFW Web Design Landing Page Package Option We will…

  • We’ll select and manage a URL to match your key word search.
  • Next, we will do market research on your business and Google keywords based on the 4 keywords phrases you gave us.
  • We will host your site.
  • Our specialist will build a HTML or wordpress site to match a layout fitting for your business with your color scheme and logo if found on your existing website.
  • We will build out a mobile responsive and SEO all elements of content and images.
  • Our SEO guru will SEO and submit the landing pages to search engines.
  • Finally, we will perform appropriate marketing to get the landing page found under one of the keyword phrases within 60 days.
  • Optionally, we can continue monthly to SEO the site. Call for details.


How to Get Started on a DFW Web Design – Pre-Design Website

Glad you asked! Click the button below to make your payment and start on a landing page rental, give us your URL, telephone and search keywords, and we’ll take it from there. Should you wish to purchase outright instead, $797 + $10/mo hosting, your choice.



Landing Page Details
Your Website/URL & Phone #
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Depending on our backlog landing pages are usually done within a week. Sometimes landing pages can be done in as little as 1 day, saving you tons of time.

Least amount of time. Least amount of price. The quickest way to be found online!

If you are not as organized as you would like, and perhaps have more questions then contact us for a free consult…

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