Just a few content marketing tips!

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Today we went out into the big world wide web and found a few content marketing tips that we can share with you.

One of the things that stood out to me most about this slideshow was on slide 8. It says:
Be Focused: Pay attention to audience trends. Scan all the channels for changes in audience, demographics, customer feedback and new trend appetites.

It reminded me that there are old trends that we may be missing as well. Social Media and Digital Marketing move so quickly and at times it can be hard to keep up. I recently started a blog about blogging and I forgot to go back and see what is trending on Twitter about blogging. When I did go back I found a great thing that has been happening for a long time, a Twitter chat. The chat happens on Sunday nights with the hashtag #blogchat. I decided to jump into this conversation and I made some wonderful connections. My tip to you is to spend time stalking the social world and finding out what is happening in your field too.

3 Content Marketing Tips That are So Easy to Follow, that They Actually WORK!
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I have recently discovered Chris Ducker and you will not be sorry that you watched this video. In this particular video he says do not offer too much unless you are ready to fulfill it. For example, do not say that you are going to blog daily unless you are really prepared to blog daily. You do not want to break people’s trust unintentionally.

The Most Effective Content Marketing Tip Ever | LinkedIn
The Most Effective Content Marketing Tip Ever. March 01, 2014. Sorry. I’ve been toting this one around in my pack for a while now and haven’t yet shared it with …

Create 90 pieces of content in 90 days based on the 30 questions.

  • Create 30 blog posts. The headline is the question. The copy is the answer. Immensely simple. Ridiculously valuable.
  • Make 30 videos. Same topics. You might change the title ever so slightly. A lot of people would rather watch than read. Don’t get all worked up about the fact you’re not a professional video producer. Select the person best qualified to answer the question, point your digital device at them and press record.
  • Make 30 podcasts. Why? A lot of people choose to listen, rather than read or watch. If your videos are talking heads (professional video speak), your podcast can simply be the audio track of your video.

Go with this sequence : post, video, podcast. Repeat 29 times. Or go with this: 30 posts, 30 videos, 30 podcasts. Whatever floats your boat.

These are three great resources to gain more ideas about content marketing. The last tip by Barry Feldman is wonderful because the average person or company will never fulfill those goals. If you can in any way find the time to do it, you will have a high probability of achieving content marketing success.