3 Business Podcasts Every Person Should Listen To

by | Jul 7, 2019 | Digital Marketing Tips, Informative Blog | 2 comments

As a web developer, I have spent the last 10 years working with solopreneurs and entrepreneurs in the small to medium-size businesses. While I am not in a position to accurately predict their success, I do see some correlations in the habits of a successful business person. The three obvious elements I see are:

  1. Who they spend their time with,
  2. What they read, and
  3. What they listen too in their car.

For the purpose of this post, we’re going to zero in on the last one… “What they listen too in their car.” I discovered this idea back in January of 2018. I learned that most successful business people don’t listen to the radio in their car, they listen to books on CDs, motivational or sales programs, or business podcasts.

What are Business Podcasts, & Why Should I Listen to Them

Business Podcasts are a video or audio channels that you can subscribe too and listen or watch on your phone or computer. Like television or radio, you can listen to them at your leisure and usually, they continue episodes every day or week.

Think about this. For the past 18 months, I have stopped listening to the radio and have logged 500 business podcast hours in my car. Counting classroom and study time, that is the equivalent of a 4-year college degree, just by replacing the time you already spend in your vehicle.

As a business person, how can you afford to miss this educational opportunity? So where do you start? I’m so glad you asked…

3 Podcasts Every Persons Should Listen Too

1. Smart Passive Income, by Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income Podcast
Pat, has two outstanding podcasts and for a small business person, they are both great. But the single best podcast that has absolutely, totally, and completely changed my life, you got to dial into Smart Passive Income. Pat does a solo show or interviews business associates each Wednesday who are freakin’ killing it with ideas and practices in the business world. If you only listen to one podcast, this is the one you have to hear. I’ve listened to every single one of these, and it has been life-changing.

2. The Garyvee Audio Experience by Gary Vaynerchuk
The Garyvee Audio Experience

While Gary’s language puts it all out there, I find this podcast to be right between your eyes dead on good advise. Gary throws lots of punches and tells it like it is. But if you want some honest pointed advise, then this podcast needs to be on your must-hear list.

3. Tim Ferriss Show, by Tim Ferriss
The Tim Ferriss Show, Interviewing Seth Gordin
Tim, is another great podcast who interviews some of the greats. My favorite of his shows is his 2-hour interview of Seth Gordin.

So those are my favorite business podcasts. What are some of yours?