Custom Blog

[H]aving a custom blog will make your business stand out from the crowd. Building a blog does not have to be extremely expensive. We build custom blogs using an SEO theme and we make it custom by changing the layout and designed images. We believe that you should start with the foundation of a good solid CMS (content management system). Your blog needs a well-coded theme to aid in your design.

Be Unique with Your Custom Blog

The key factor with a new blog design is to make sure that your images and content are interesting and unique. Remember that the key factor to any great blog is having plenty of excellent content. You can spice up your blog with plenty of videos, pictures, headers and bullet points. Next, make your blog stand out in both its design and content. Nothing ever beats nicely written content.

Generate Interest with Your Custom Blog

Build strong interest and value to your audience. Educate, train, tell stories, be funny, and add value to your reader. Give your followers a reason to visit your blog over and over. Ask yourself, “What makes this blog unique? What value am I giving that they cannot find elsewhere? Why would I want to read this site and recommend it to my friends?”

Make It Sticky with Your Custom Blog

Allow your readers to subscribe. Give your readers the ability to pull your blog from an RSS reader. Add sharing buttons and promote other elements of your blog on each and every post. Write and distribute your content is a regular and predictable pattern.

Implementing just a few of these tips can greatly help your blog get found and read on a regular base. Contact us and we will help you with all your custom blog needs.