Blog Designs

[I]n the slideshow below you will see few of the blogs that we have designed. There are countless design options and platform options open to us all today for blog designs. We believe that the best platform without question is a self-hosted WordPress blog. Not only are there countless free and paid designs but there are also countless SEO tools and opportunities.

Self-Hosted vs Free

An important thing to keep in mind with blog design is that not all blogs are created equal. The first and most important thing in our opinion is to pay the hosting fee and the URL fee and start your business blog off right by owning it yourself. A self-hosted blog opens up the door to more theme designs and more SEO plug-ins. If the blog is not self-hosted you will be limited in your options and it can be a challenge moving it over when the time comes.

SEO Design

A key factor when building a new blog design to consider is how everything that you put in will impact your SEO Plans. This is why deciding on a theme is so important. Does the theme that you choose have clean code? If it does not then we would highly recommend moving on to another design, especially considering that there are so many to choose from. Also, when designing your blog make sure that you SEO each page and each image as you are building it.

We believe that there is so much more to blog designing than just how it looks. It is also about how it is structured. In the slideshow below you will see a few of our favorite blogs that we have designed.

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