Blog Designer

[T]o us being a blog designer is not just about how the blog is going to look but how it is going to function. We always start each project with SEO in mind and build out from there. We will work with our client and prompt them to think about the internal structure at the same time that we are developing the shell.

If you are going to be a blogger you are also going to be a blog designer. Here are some of the key factors to being a great blog designer.


It is important to pick your categories before you start blogging. Categories help keep a blog organized and structured. We recommend that you have around 5 categories for a blog and no more than 10 for sure. Our advice is to think of 5 categories that you want to blog about such as Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Video, and Digital Marketing. Once you have these categories decided upon making sure that you can come up with at least 10 blog titles to match. If you can do that then you are on the right path. If you can not come up with 10 titles then set that category aside for now and concentrate on the others.


Images are what really draw people in and it is your words that keep them there. We highly recommend that you first and foremost make sure that you find good legal images and that you plan out your images as you plan out your blog. We recommend at least one image or video per blog post. Images just keep things interesting.

Blog Designer – Frequency

Frequency is a tricky subject for new bloggers. Often when a blogger gets started they want to blog every single day but they soon get burned out. We recommend that your blog no more often than 3 times a week and perhaps you should consider just once a week. The key factor with blogging frequency is to be consistent with it. You don’t want to lose readers because they do not know when to expect the next article and get frustrated.

Blog Designer

If you are ready for an SEO friendly blog or website we are here for you. If your blog needs a refresher we are here for you. We love building blog designs; it is one of our favorite things to do. We can promise you that we will build your blog with passion and excitement. Please contact us by using one of the forms available below.