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[A]t DFW Website Designers one of our all time favorite projects is blog design. When creating a custom blog design for a client, we always enjoy sharing all aspects of launching a blog.

Blog Designer

Click to Learn More about Blog DesignerWhen we sit down with clients and think about blog design we always start by asking them about their goals. Where you want to go with your blog greatly impacts the process involved in setting it up.

Considering content is the center of your blog, it is important to think about how your content will look with the design that you are considering. What unique idea or design fits your content best?

Blog Designs

Click to Learn More about Blog DesignsThere are many different kind of blog designs to choose from these days. There is the modern blog design, the minimalist blog design and just a fairly simple blog page design. One design is not better than any other, it is just a matter of which design fits you best. The most important thing to consider when picking a blog design is to make sure that it has a solid SEO backbone.


Custom Blog

Click to Learn More about Custom BlogBuilding a custom blog design is not just about how the blog looks but also about how the blog functions. When working with clients we encourage them to spend a great deal of time thinking about their blog long before their first post is ever released. A crucial part of blogging success is about carefully planning a path and having long term goals.

Blog Design

If you are ready to get a SEO friendly Blog designed we are the people to do it. We are passionate about blogging and even teach classes on it throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Please contact us using whatever methods that you prefer. We look forward to talking with you about your blog.