Black Friday 2018 Website Sales

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[N]ow it’s been a decade since Walmart workers got hurt during a Black Friday trampling, and many years since I wrote my post Seven Tips to Not Die as You Black Friday Shop, the practice has now become tame. But the sales have moved online and have become just as good as ever.

This Friday, we will continue a DFW Website Designers tradition, and offer 50% off our regular price of $497 home page, plus $100 a page, thus bring our four day annual sale to $297 home page, plus $50 a page. A price only offered these four days. This offer is perfect if you need a new website or want to redesign an old website.

Black Friday Special – Vertical Simple Approach

Since we at DFW Website Designers provide a vertical trust approach, which means we don’t charge extra for logo design, custom images, stock photos, or even SEO, we now offer this very simple pricing plan. The initial core cost is $297, and then we will charge $50 for every page thereafter. Blog posts, eCommerce products, SEO city pages, they will all count as a single page.

Black Friday Special – Examples of Pricing

For example, if you desire a simple website that has a Service and Contact page, thus 3 pages total including the home page. That will cost: $297 + $50 Service Page, + $50 Contact page = $397 turnkey.

Should you have a 7-page site that needs a redesign and you want to add a shopping cart with 5 products (of which you want us to setup), then… $297 + 6 * $50 + 5 * $50 = $847.

Now let’s say in that last example, you only need us to setup the shopping cart with one product and you are open to training on creating the other four. We’ll you will save $200. We will only charge for the pages you require us to create. Training, of course, has always been a part of the base product.

The Details of the $297 Base Site Black Friday Special

Here is what it can included:

  • A new domain URL if you don’t have one,
  • A logo if you don’t have one,
  • A mobile responsive WordPress custom theme and layout to your desire or sample/competitor ideas,
  • Written content if you don’t have any,
  • SEO down to the page and image level,
  • A SSL Certificate https,
  • Google Analytics & social media hookups,
  • Submission to 50+ search engines,
  • Annual hosting, $30 a year starting the 2nd year,
  • Everything done in 1-3 days. <=Yes you read that right!!!

Fine Print: This offer is for new clients only. You must pre-pay online before 4p CST Monday, November 26, 2018. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Call ahead with questions, as all sales as final (aka no refunds).

Some Sample Reference Examples of What You Can Expect…

Thus far in 2018, we have built 87 websites. Here is a very small example of what your new site could look like…

eMail me at or text me at 817-247-6003 with questions.



Sorry this sale has ended.