Web Page Design Layout

[P]age design can be a complicated and detailed process and it can also be quite costly. This is why we build all of our clients websites in WordPress. If you can use Word you can do a lot of your web page design layout yourself and it is our goal to empower you the client to feel free to change your website yourself.

You can easily do the following:

1. Web Page Design Layout – Add an Image

Content doesn’t always have to be text. An appropriate image should be embedded in the content as well. Add a drawing, add a clip art, consider adding some paid images to help the reader.

Paragraphs don’t have to be long. Consider breaking them up or mixing them up with h2 titles for easy reading.

Web Page Design Layout | DFW Website Designers

2. Web Page Design Layout – Change the Font Size or Color

In general text needs to be black. However, mix in color or size when it is needed to highlight or make a point.

Font Color

3. Web Page Design Layout – Add Bullets

  • Creating Bullet Points
  • Break Up Your Page
  • and Make It Easier to Read

4. Web Page Design Layout – Add a Video

According to YouTube more people would rather watch a video than read the content. Appeal to those people by perhaps adding an associated video. Need help creating a video, DFW Website Designers provide 3 minute editing and green screen services.

These are just a few of the simple and quick things that you can do to spice up your web page layout without needing to hire an outside person. It is our goal for you to walk away with a website that you are proud of, in control of and feel like you can handle. We are here to help you. Please phone, email, or appointment visit. Or fill in the form below in the footer.