[L]ast month we focused on 2X Your Business in 35 Days with an aggressive online marketing campaign. We didn’t quite double our business during those 35 days, but we did achieve a 44% growth over July and we sketched out a marketing plan that is starting to work.

So looking over three years of data, last month’s results are not new, but I rarely sustain them consistently from one month to the next. In fact, I do what many small web designers or small businesses folks do, I yo-yo. One good month, followed by a bad month followed again by a good month. Up and down like a yo-yo. The reason this occurs in my business is I focus on sales one month and then focus on building the next. I don’t maintain consistency from month to month. So with that in mind, you have to tweak month two to 2X your business in 30 days. Here’s my plan.

How to 2X Your Business in 30 Days, Part II

Last month I spent a lot of time on the little details of marketing actions. This month, I want to spend more time on the profitable actions.

The goal this month is $7900. How did I get to this goal? Well, I took last months collections, $5485 which was a 44% increase from July and multiplied it by another 44% for September. $5485 * 44% = $2413 + 5485 = $7898 or about $7900.

Now taking the average of the last five sales, which equals $1068, you would think I would just straight divide $7900/$1068 = 7.4 new sales would do the trick. BUT it isn’t quite that hard and it doesn’t quite work that way. Thankfully finishing up the six existing websites not finished, and taking into account reoccurring revenue for September I can expect to receive about $3000. Thus new sales is really only $7900 – $3000 = $4900 / $1068 or 4.6 new sales. Considering I got 5 new sales in August, I just need to repeat the same marketing effort but maintain consistent caught up production.

Tracking the Money to 2X Your Business in 30 Days

Collect $142/$7900 by 08/39/2018
09/01/2018 – Collected $142

Spend 10% of Collections on Advertising
$0.00 Spent on Google Adwords

0/100 Cold Calls

0/50 Leads

0/20 Appointments

0/30 Quotes

0/5 New Website Sales

0/2 Podcast Attorney Promotions

0/2 Sale of the DGC Course

1/5 Weekly DGC Podcasts
09/01/2018 – 016 Dealing with the Ex Q&A

Track Sales Production, Completion of 11 Websites

Client6 – 70%
Client21 – 80%
Client68 – 20%
Client69 – 15%
Client70 – 10%
Client71 – 0%
Client72 – Not Sold Yet
Client73 – Not Sold Yet
Client74 – Not Sold Yet
Client75 – Not Sold Yet
Client76 – Not Sold Yet

50 New DGC Blogs, DWD Blogs, or DWD Pages

001 – This post

So again, this is the plan. Feel free to copy this model for your own business and/or follow along with me. Oh, and it goes without saying, if you need a website, call 817-247-6003. Let’s talk!