Your DFW Website Designers Packages & Services

Small business owners are having to do more with less, every day. Stretching every dollar, looking for every good deal, reaching out to serve client needs, and finding the time for your own digital marketing. We understand because we’re small business owners too. DFW Website Designers offer website packages and services to fit any need or budget.

We operate under the attorney retainer model. We don’t charge extra for Photoshop work, 3rd and forth revisions, using your host or ours. But we do charge by the hour with an upfront retainer. If you are organized we can build you a website in two hours. However, can’t make up your mind? Web design can last for years. Seriously.

Below are guessimates on typical website design costs and times. The more retainer you put upfront, the lower the hourly rate. If you complete in less time than bought, we will refund you the difference. Want to go for design #4 and run out of hours, you’ll have to buy more. The goal is to help us help you.

1. “I don’t have a large marketing budget but I need a website pronto. What are my options?” Pre-Design Website Package!

You have no website, or a very simple one at best. You need the “least expensive” and most professional website up and running in about 2-5 days. We’ll give you ten hours to take care of everything at $147.70 an hour. Click for more details.

Pre-Design Website Package Retainer

2. “I got a site, but it’s old and not helping us reach our goals.” Re-Build Website Package!

No problem. We’ve see worse, trust us. You come up with a few ideas, we salvage what content we can and rebuild your website on your domain, to kickstart your image online. Give us 20 hours at $137.70 and we’ll change the world. Buy now and let’s get started! Click for more details.

Re-Design Website Package Retainer

3. “Pull the band aid off, guys. I need a…” New-Design Website Package!

Ok, ok, we hear you. This is the package you need if you have no website currently or you completely want to start over with a completely new look, feel and design. It’s fast, it’s custom, it’s complete dedication from one of our professionals! With 30 upfront hours at our lowest rate of $117.70 we custom build you a new site fast. Click here for more details.

New Build Website Package Retainer

4. “I need occasional fixes. I need a…” Monthly Web Guy Package!

You’re happy with your current website design but your designer doesn’t do post support even though your change requests are simple and only occasional. We can help. For $57/month (3 month minimum pre-billed), we will complete one simple 30 minute change every three days. You simply write out your change request, eMail it to us and we’ll take care of it. If you want this type of support year round it is $50/month (pre-billed annually). We work behind the scenes so you can focus on your business. You can start your ongoing website maintenance today!

$57/mo = $171/qtr

$50/mo = $600/yr

5. “I’ve got my website on point, but I need a one-time change.” Quick Website Fix Package!

Need a small tweak? Do things yourself but you’re in a bind? Got a change that might take you hours but a professional could do in 30 minutes? Need to change an address, add an image, plugin, change some verbiage, or just want a consult? We can help and get you bak to business! Dig up your WordPress admin logon or your ftp password (for HTML sites) and make your choice below.

1/2 Hour or 1 Hour One-time

Here is how this works. Make your purchase, send us an eMail with logon or passwords for your site along with your requested change. We’ll get it done within 24-48 hours. If we have questions, we’ll call you. It’s that easy!

6. “I need a video for my site? Video Marketing!

We live in a video age. You can create a full length video right from your smart phone. However, if you want a professional video created in a green screen room, we will assist, edit and produce 3 minutes worth of recordings for $1050, click the “Buy Now” below. For more detail information on Video Marketing, click here.

3 Min Video Package $1050

One more thought: Prior to 04/01/2016 We did NOT offer refunds. We are service-oriented individuals who will walk on hot coals, exchange services, and do a rain dance in order to make our clients happy, but the state of business today does not allow us to offer refunds. We really appreciate your understanding.

After 12/31/2016 we moved to a retainer system. Should we finish your site faster than your tier level, the remaining hours can be refunded or banked for future modifcations or used against annual domain, hosting or support.